Aquaman 2: A Chance for Arthur Curry’s Definitive Conclusion

by Barbara

In the ever-evolving landscape of superhero cinema, few characters have made as big of a splash as Aquaman. Arthur Curry, the aquatic hero played by Jason Momoa, has swum his way into the hearts of fans around the world. With the highly anticipated sequel, “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” on the horizon, there’s a unique opportunity for the character that no other Justice League member has received – a definitive ending to his narrative arc. As the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) comes to a crossroads, let’s explore why “Aquaman 2” can provide the closure that Arthur Curry deserves.

Arthur Curry’s Unfinished Journey

Throughout the DCEU, many of its iconic characters have been explored, but few have had their journeys brought to a satisfying conclusion. The likes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and even the Flash have faced formidable foes and participated in grand team-up events like “Justice League.” However, each of these heroes has had their narratives left open-ended, often with unresolved conflicts and a promise of future adventures. In contrast, Arthur Curry’s story in “Aquaman” had a distinct sense of closure.


In the first film, directed by James Wan, audiences witnessed Arthur’s journey from a reluctant hero to the king of Atlantis. By the movie’s end, he had embraced his destiny, defeated the villainous Orm, and united the seven underwater kingdoms. This self-contained narrative gave Arthur Curry a sense of fulfillment that other Justice League members didn’t experience, making his story unique in the DCEU.


A Self-Contained Sequel

With “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” director James Wan has the opportunity to build on this foundation of closure. The sequel is expected to be a self-contained story, focusing on new threats and challenges in the underwater realm rather than setting up future DCEU events. This approach allows for a deeper exploration of Arthur Curry’s character, his relationships, and his responsibilities as king without the distractions of a larger cinematic universe.


While other DCEU films have sometimes struggled with balancing the demands of interconnected storytelling, “Aquaman 2” can prioritize the character-driven narrative. This is a rarity in superhero cinema, where sequels often strive to introduce new elements and characters to set up future team-up films. Instead, “Aquaman 2” can zero in on Arthur’s evolution as a hero and ruler, providing a deeply satisfying character arc.

Navigating an Uncertain Future

The DCEU has seen its fair share of uncertainty and creative shifts over the years. Plans for interconnected films have evolved, and the direction of the franchise has occasionally been in flux. While this uncertainty can create challenges for filmmakers like James Wan, it also presents an opportunity. “Aquaman 2” can prioritize telling the best possible story for Arthur Curry without being weighed down by the larger cinematic universe’s expectations.

For fans who have grown attached to Jason Momoa’s portrayal of Aquaman, the hope is that “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” will serve as a fitting send-off if it’s the last time they see him on the big screen. While it’s possible that Arthur Curry could continue to appear in future DCEU projects, the sequel has the chance to provide a sense of closure to his narrative, allowing fans to bid a fond farewell to this beloved hero.

Conclusion: A Hero’s Final Voyage

As “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” prepares to dive into theaters, fans of the aquatic hero eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Arthur Curry’s story. With a self-contained narrative and the potential to bring closure to the character’s arc, the sequel has a unique opportunity to deliver an ending that no other Justice League member has received in the DCEU. As the cinematic universe continues to evolve, “Aquaman 2” can stand as a testament to the power of character-driven storytelling and provide Arthur Curry with the definitive conclusion he deserves.


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